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Walking Gait Analysis on Treadmill
Gait analysis
How Can Real-Time Gait Analysis Enhance Patient Care and Outcomes?

Introduction In the realm of orthotics and physical therapy, understanding and analyzing a patient’s gait—their manner of walking—is pivotal. The gait is a window into a patient’s mobility, revealing intricacies about their balance, strength, and

Cerebral Palsy
What is cerebral palsy?

Today, one in five hundred children worldwide is affected by cerebral palsy, which equates to a total of six million, including 30,000 in France. It is the most common motor impairment in children. What is

Senior woman walking with walking frame under doctor and husband's assistance
Eldery care
Loss of daily mobility among seniors

The loss of daily mobility in seniors is one of the main factors in the loss of autonomy for seniors. It can be caused by health problems such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or diabetes, or